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This page contains emails, notes and letters which the ministry has received from the young men who finished their program at Pegasus or are currently enrolled; also their families, and friends of the ministry at Pegasus.
Letter from Ms PamLetter from a Former Pegasus ResidentTemptation, an acrostic poem
by Armando
Will I
thoughts by Justin
My Thoughts
by Justin
All I Need
by Armando
Mathew's TestimonyMY BELIEF  PART I
by  Quinshawn
Mathew's Testimony

“All my life I have been a messed up person, raised on the streets, doing drugs and part of the gang life. Then on Friday at the bible study I fell down and cried like I had never cried before.  That day I was trying to talk to God and it was a hot day and all of a sudden a big old wind began to blow.  I knew it was God trying to tell me something,   trying to get me back up on my feet.  So I did and that day I received Christ in my life. I am really happy I did it and the bible study teacher told me there is going to be a lot of temptations and people trying to bring me down but now I know that God is going to be there all my life and that is all I have to say.”

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Will I

I have failed today but will I fail tomorrow? Will I learn from nothing of what life throws into my path or will it take my life to catch my ignorant ways, my sinful ways?

Have I learned my lesson or will I fail again till I just give up hope, till I die?  Will I choose to succeed? Do I love myself or do I even care of what is in store for me to do? Do I care about my parents or their hurt?  Will I, can I break the cycle of hurt, pain or disgust?  Will I save myself and accept God or will I fall into self pity?  Will I catch myself in an unhealthy thought, or will I kill those who love me more and more each day?


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Dear Church at Pegasus!

Boy have I missed your guys!!!  I would have written sooner but it has taken a while to get settled and out of boxes and I was hoping to have a working computer and printer by now so I could just email a letter to you all – but – I don’t so poor Ms Lindy will have to deal with my lousy handwriting.  But trust me “You are not forgotten.”

I love Nashville.  We have had snow a couple of times and lot’s of rain but it is warming up a bit now and you should see all the blossoming trees!  White and pink and purple and green – everywhere is coming alive with color.  It is very hilly here with mountains all around.  I can’t see the sunsets very well from here but out my front door the view is a stunning picture of God’s creation complete with more types of birds than I could ever imagine.

My kids love their schools and my husband loves his job.  My son needs a job really bad so you could pray for that.

We have been attending the most awesome church.  The worship is wonderful and I can’t tell you how amazing the musicians are.  Six of their musicians have been nominated for “Dove” awards – that is the Christian Music Industry version of a “Grammy” award.  But you would never know it by how they work together in worshiping the Lord.  All egos are out the door.  So it is wonderful to be a part of that, and to see so many who could be off doing a solo gig or getting recognition just for there.  They just come each week as a humble servant to give the best they have.

I do however wish I could hop a jet each Sunday morning and be with you there.  I pray for you all the time but especially on Sunday mornings.  That God would continue to rain down His grace on you all and that each one of you would feel His presence there.

I keep your “Imagine” book out where I can see it everyday and I can never thank you enough for your kind words, prayers and pictures.

I want to encourage you to keep moving forward and trust God that He will carry you through. It is not always easy and I don’t think it is ever perfect, but it is enough and God will never leave you or forsake you.  You need to know that it is an ongoing journey that is never complete until we reach heaven and see our Savior face to face.  Even for me now, as it will be for you when you leave Pegasus, there are new challenges.

For the first time since I was 15 years old I don’t have a car.  I don’t have access to a computer.  I don’t have any money to buy anything for my house!  I can’t even afford to get my hair cut! (Or colored! Ugh).

So I could say to God “Why did you bring me here to this wonderful place and then desert me!  I have no car, no money, no friends, no Pegasus, no job!  And trust me it is easy to let yourself go there, if your faith in God is built on circumstances and the “stuff” of this world. 

So instead I say “Thank you God for providing this amazing 200 year old house with all the beautiful trees and birds and land.  And thank you that over time we will be able to fill it full of memories and the things that You want us to have that will bring You glory.  And thank You that because we can’t afford to go out to eat we are cooking a healthy dinner at home every night and playing games together as a family.  Thank you Lord that even though I don’t have a car the school bus picks up and drops off my kids right in front of my house and that because I don’t have a job yet I can spend time walking and talking with you. 

Thank you Father that even though it is tight and scary you have proven yourself faithful so many times before I need just to pray and rest in You.  For you will provide all we need.

Well guys, I am so proud of how you have persevered and carried on.  Ms. Lyndee has kept me up to date on all that I going on and I am very proud of you all.  Don’t stop!  Don’t give up! Don’t give in.

Sing out and smile when you sing and thank the Lord for all He has done.

I love you and miss you all so much!  And to those who are new and don’t know me?  Well, just know that I am glad you’re here and God has a very special place for you there at Pegasus.  Just don’t stop moving forward cause “You can’t even imagine!”

In His Name

Ms. Pam

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Hello, my name is Robert. I was a past resident at Pegasus School Incorporated (RTC). I really enjoyed and learned a lot of different things when I was there and very helpful tips. I was there from March 9, 2012 - to March 19, 2013. My Therapists were Mrs.Kim and Mr.Scott, Phase 1&2 and for Phase 3&4  I had Mrs.Ida. They all 3 were very helpful and we could be very open with each other - that is what the best thing of all was. I think about how God gave me a second chance to change my life around and now I have peace and joy in my life and I'm not the old Robert anymore - I'm a new one now. But I look at my thinking errors and Self control techniques cause they really do come in really good handy. But I want to let y’all know I think about y’all all the time and will keep y’all in my prayers. Good luck, Pegasus boys out there!!!!!!! Always, Robert 7/22/2013

(Acrostic Poem)

T - too much is too many
E - evil is upon it
M - many people suffer from it
P - pray to not follow it
T - try to stay away from it
A - any body can see it
T - thus why do it
I - it's enticing
O - only you can fix it
N - never try to do it

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My Thoughts

I have failed today but will I fail tomorrow?  Will I always be in my sinful ways till I die?  Will I thrive for greatness in all things or will I allow people to keep running over me or be another poor person that everybody passes in five o’clock traffic?

This isn’t the end!  I ‘m not going to give in to the evil in this heart of mine or will I be a survivor or a story that everybody will learn from?  Will Satan take me to his house of pain and anguish and hate or will I sin no more?  Will a man named Jesus come into my lame life?  Will I let that holy name heal my heart?

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All I Need

Because even though my tears may fall
I’ll always ask the Lord to not let me fall
To let me worship you is all I need
To honor you with all my needs

The devil won’t bring me down
Because Lord you’re the one I need
Oh Devil, you don’t bother me
Because Lord you’re the one beside me

Temptation won’t come my way
Because Lord you’re the one I need
You are the one I need
The only one I ever need
You are the one I need
You’re all I need and ever need


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By Quinshawn

It seems to me that every right turn I take, turns out to be wrong.

Thru Christ, I pray and it seems thru Satan, I’m answered.

I’m far from saved. I pick up my Bible when I feel the wrongs coming to me.  It seems I have all these enemies So, I love all my enemies and I pray for those who show hatred toward me.  If I say anything that you don’t think is true, then fall back to the book of Luke 6:27 where the Lord first spoke to me.  I ignored everything.  I still weep and wonder what have I done for you to not take me?  I took your words for granted.

Looked at you like a fool, not wondering what you have done for me.  Thru the blessings is how you come to me.

I ask you, Lord, what more do you want from me?  I give my heart and soul to be next to you.  After I learned everything you did for me; how you sent your Son just to die for our sins, so I could live a long lasting life, is what you told me thru John chapter 3.

I realized I was in reality.  I’m a winner through your name.  I’m supposed to have Victory, but the Devil in his trickery, says failure is what you want for me.

Matthew 7:26, I try to let it stand, but when the storm comes, I’m like the foolish man, his house built upon sand – the storm it cannot take.  I lean on my own understanding, but that’s my biggest mistake.

I always placed the blame, but never take the fight.

Romans 6:18, 23, but thru truth we’ve been set free from sin; you became slaves of righteousness.

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus, our Lord.  For I put my trust and love in the Lord, Jesus Christ.


Copyright 2008 HKM 


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